Hey I am Aide this is my portfolio design site
I specialise in Motion Graphics and Graphic Design.

My Work

My specialisation lies in creating visually captivating videos and graphics tailored to content specifically for YouTube, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. Beyond this, utilising techniques such as creating clips, assembling compilations, graphics, posters, and refining videos with motion graphic elements.



Jessica Hale | Marketing Manager

I worked with Aide very closely over 2 years, and enjoyed every minute. Aide has a talent for developing creative concepts and producing designs that align with our brand guidelines. Aide is great at turning nothing into something; you can give her a simple brief and she will work autonomously to produce a creative that is smart, well thought out and on-brand.

Aide was responsible for all creative design and strategy at our company and was not afraid of the challenge, I was really impressed with her ability to take on a lot of (often unstructured) feedback and present ideas that resonated with every member of the team. I'd recommend Aide to any business wanting to improve their design output.






Andy De Lima | Head of Marketing

She adheres to the K.I.S.S. principle in her design style, favoring a clean and simple aesthetic. Fueled by a genuine passion for design, her creative process involves the use of mixed media, driven by the belief that inspiration can be drawn from diverse sources.

Her dedication to design is evident, and she takes pride in her continuous pursuit of knowledge. Notably, she has independently acquired skills in Figma, HTML, and CSS, showcasing her commitment to mastering various aspects of her craft.

As a self-starter and team player, she embodies a "can-do" and ambitious attitude. Looking ahead, she envisions herself as a Creative Director within the next five years. Proactively, she is already taking significant steps to realize this goal, demonstrating her determination to ascend in her career.


World Wide Generation





Knitting has been a beloved hobbie of mine for numerous years, and the journey has been nothing short of delightful. Over the years, my nimble fingers have woven a tapestry of warmth and creativity, resulting in a sometimes hilarious collection of handcrafted items.

Among my repertoire are charming hats that exude both style and coziness, scarves that drape gracefully, blankets that cocoon in comfort, hoodies that seamlessly blend fashion and warmth, and socks that dance between practicality and intricate design. Each stitch tells a story of patience, passion, and the joy of creating something tangible and meaningful.

The process of bringing these items to life has not only been a source of personal fulfillment but has also allowed me to explore the limitless possibilities that knitting offers. As I continue to hone my skills and explore new patterns and techniques, my knitting endeavors remain a testament to the enduring artistry of this timeless craft.

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