How to Dance in Ohio

Breakdown of the artistic direction for "How to Dance in Ohio" in collaboration with Feast Creative:

Briefing Overview:
The project involved collaboration with Feast Creative, to create a poster for the Broadway Play Dancing in Ohio.

Iconic Imagery:
Desired visuals akin to iconic imagery from productions like Phantom of the Opera or The Lion King. Aimed for powerful, evocative, and enduring imagery to leave a lasting impression.

Influences from Wicked and Hamilton:
Influences from productions like Wicked and the silhouette from Hamilton suggest a preference for dynamic and impactful aesthetics. Aimed to resonate emotionally with the audience through visually striking elements.

Incorporating Magic and Symbolism:
The inclusion of "C'est Magie," waves, light, and the possibility of incorporating the state shape hinted at a desire for a touch of magic, symbolism, and a connection to the narrative setting. Aimed for visuals that add depth and meaning to the storytelling process.

Avoiding Traditional and Old Musical Styles:
Crucial guidance was to avoid anything too traditional and old musical styles. Emphasized a commitment to a contemporary, innovative approach to keep the project fresh and relevant.

Steering Clear of Dance/Prom Themes:
Guidance to steer clear of dance/prom themes indicated a deliberate effort to avoid clichés. Embraced a narrative that is fresh, distinct, and free from stereotypes.

Final Outcome:
The final outcome reflects a blend of powerful imagery, dynamic aesthetics, and symbolic elements. Embraces a contemporary and innovative approach while avoiding clichés, resulting in a visually striking and emotionally resonant production.

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Feedback on intial design

Upon presenting the initial design to "How to Dance in Ohio," their positive response was heartening, indicating an alignment with the envisioned direction. However, the subsequent feedback expressed a desire for the design to embrace more vibrant hues and incorporate a touch of human warmth. Though they liked the grid and schematic aspect of design and wish that to be developed upon.

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